Biodiversity Report and Plan

Under section 6 of the Environment Wales Act, Llysfaen Community Council has a requirement to maintain and enhance biodiversity in the exercise of functions in relation to Wales, and in so doing promote the resilience of ecosystems, so far as consistent with the proper exercise of those functions.

Our duty to maintain and enhance biodiversity follows the Nature recovery Action Plan for Wales (NRAP) guidance, by producing a plan that supports the guidance given within the NRAP plan.  The key elements of the plan include;

  • Embed diversity into delivery, and raise awareness of its importance
  • Safeguard special sites and species
  • Restore and create habitats
  • Tackle key pressures, such as pollution and invasive non-native species
  • Use and collect biodiversity evidence

The Council has met its duty to PLAN – by meeting and agreeing on a proposed plan to deliver the actions within the plan between 2020-2023. 

The Council has met its duty to REPORT – by providing the enclosed 2019 report on activities undertaken to date to meet its duty under the Act. 

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