Biodiversity Plan Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Biodiversity Plan Meeting Minutes – November 2019

Llysfaen Commnuniuty Council have a duty to produce a report as required under S6 of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 as follows:

  • Council are required to produce a report detailing activities undertaken to date by the end of December 2019.
  • Council should consider in all its activities, the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Council should consider in all its activities, the biodiversity and resilience of ecosystems
  • Duty to maintain and enhance biodiversity, and promote the resilience of ecosystems.
  • Embed the consideration of biodiversity and ecosystems in early thinking, planning and policy decisions.
  • Produce a plan on how it will comply with duties under section 6 of the Act.
  • Review the plan regularly, and specifically after the report has been produced, and then every 3 years after this date.

 Council are keen to ensure that they are able to enhance biodiversity by delivering some key actions within the village.

Resources available at present to support the Council are as follows:

1.  Nature Recovery Action Plan for Wales – setting out 6 objectives for reversing the decline in biodiversity.

·         Engage and support participation and understanding to embed biodiversity throughout decision making at all levels.

·         Safeguard species and habitats of principle importance and improve their management.

·         Increase resilience of our natural environment by restoring degraded habitats and habitat creation

·         Tackle key pressures on species and habitats

·         Improve our evidence, understanding and monitoring

·         Put in place a framework of governance and support for delivery. 

2.  State of Natural resources report.

3.  One Voice Wales shared resources

4.  Welsh Government advice and guidance.

5.  Natural resources Wales website

6.  Become Bee Friendly initiative (

7.  Rethinking parks (

8.  Buglife, managing urban areas for pollinators (

9.  Making space for nature (


The below plan, details how the Community Council has met its requirements to date, and how it will work in the coing years to ehnchance biobiversity.

2020 Biodiversity Action Plan  – Year 1 2020

 Date SetProposed actionOwnerDue byExpected Outcome
1Dec 2019To review all activities, Policies, Processes and Sub-Committees to ensure that biodiversity is considered within all activities of the Council.ClerkY1To embed the consideration of biodiversity and eco friendly activities in all Council policy and procedures.
2Dec 2019To work towards the Council being plastic free.Full CouncilY1Reduction of waste and use of reusable and sustainable resources.
3Jan 2020To work towards the Council being paper free, or where paper is required, to ensure that it is bought from sustainable sources.Full CouncilY1Minimise use of paper,
4Dec 2019To communicate with residents ways in which we can work as a community to enhance biodiversity and natural habitats.Bio GroupY1Newsletter to be produced and website updated with information on biodiversity in the village.
5Dec 2019To look at ways to engage the village residents in how we can all contribute to enhancing biodiversity within the villages (in addition to a newsletter).Bio GroupY1Other means (such as Facebook) to communicate are investigated.
6Dec 2019Publish the actions taken so far, and the plan for 2020-2023.ClerkDec 2019Plan to be published on the website following agreement at full Council meeting.
7Dec 2019To work with the horticultural society on ways in which we can include biodiversity within the society annual show.Bio GroupY1To deliver an annual prize based on the individuals commitment to encouraging biodiversity and habitat enhancement.
8Dec 2019

To review the Conwy policy on street lighting, and to ensure that the lighting that is provided within the village is bat friendly.

ClerkY1To ensure that Bat friendly lighting is in place throughout the village.
9Dec 2019Village clean up days.  To encourage participation in the clean-up and a pride in the village.ClerkY1Educate and engage the participation of the community to keep pride in our village and our green spaces
10Dec 2019To work with the Mynydd Marian Advisory Group (MAG) to support all initiatives that are part of the group, including the butterfly counts, biodiversity enhancement and management of invasive species.FSY1Attend regular meetings, and support and promote all MAG Group activities.
11Dec 2019To work with Go Green to enhance biodiversity within their local action planning.Bio GroupY1Work to incorporate Section 6 requirements into the work completed by local green groups.
12Dec 2019To review childrens play facilities and areas, and look to enhance and encourage the provision of spaces for environmentally friendly play within the village.Bio GroupY1To have a plan in place to encourage play in open environments.
13Dec 2019To work with the Quarry and Recycling plant to review the biodiversity and Eco issues created within their boundaries and remit, and encourage them to make plans to renew or recover the ecosystems that have been damaged.Quarry Liaison GroupY1Working to ensure local businesses are also involved in the activities to save habitats within the village.
14Dec 2019To work with the Cemetery Committee to ensure work completed within the Council Cemetery is done so with biodiversity in mind.ClerkY1To be using the least environmentally damaging sprays and products within the Cemetery.
15Dec 2019Review the use of weed killer by County Council to ensure the most effective but least environmentally damaging compounds to be used.ClerkY1To be using the least environmentally damaging sprays and products within the village.
16Dec 2019Review the funding and support available from CCBC and Gov Wales in funding initiatives.ClerkY1To fully fund a program of events to support the enhancement of biodiversity in the area.
17Jan 2020Promotion of the big bird count together with national press.ClerkY1Engage the community with environmental promotional activities.
18Jan 2020To work with CCBC and full Council to reduce dog fouling in the areaBio GroupY1Reduction in dog fouling in the area.

2020 Biodiversity Action Plan  – Year 2 2020

 Date SetProposed actionOwnerDue byExpected Outcome
19Dec 2019To review activities to support the Council in encouraging residents to becoming a ‘Bee Friendly’ Village.FSY2Improve habitats and environment for Bees.
20Dec 2019To work with the local schools on eco and biodiversity projects.

School Govnr Reps

Y2To enhance the work completed by the schools locally to educate children and enhance biodiversity at school premises.  Working with them to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
21Dec 2019Working with environmental groups, schools and clubs to provide bat and bug hotels, and bird boxes throughout the villageBio GroupY2To increase the numbers of bat/bug/bird habitats within the village, increasing populations of insects and birds.
22Dec 2019To work with the Cemetery Committee to ensure work completed within the Council Cemetery is done so with biodiversity in mind.ClerkY2Potential of bird box or another area of habitat at the Cemetery grounds?
23Jan 2020To review the potential of a designated Dog exercising area within the wards.Bio GroupY2Providing owners with an area in which dogs can be exercised and within a safe boundary – with bins and bags available to collect waste.


2020 Biodiversity Action Plan  – Year 3 2020

 Date SetProposed actionOwnerDue byExpected Outcome
24Dec 2019To work towards the Council being paper free, or where paper is required, to ensure that it is bought from sustainable sources.Full CouncilY3To be as paperless as possible.
25Dec 2019Providing areas of the village with edibles and orchards, creating new habitats for pollinators.  Working with the community to increase edibles areas within the village.  Identifying areas for edible species to be planted.Bio GroupY3Creating new habitats for pollinating species and a community food source for the villagers.
26Dec 2019To review the Owl population within the village (with expert assistance), and communicate any impactful activities to reduce decline in Owl habitat and population.Bio GroupY3To understand, and maintain the Owl population.

Communications Committee Meeting Minutes – 26th February 2020

Communications Committee Meeting Minutes – 20th January 2020

Communications Committee Meeting Minutes – 3rd January 2020

Communications Committee Meeting Minutes – 4th November 2019

The Communications Committee was established to work on the way in which the Council communicate and engage the residents of Llysfaen and Parc Peulwys and to develop an improved website and integrated social media presence.

The committee have worked hard on ensuring that the new website is up and running for the new financial year in 2020, and look forward to delivering further improvements to the website to improve information that is available to residents in the future.

If you have any ideas of content that you would like to see on our website, please contact the clerk who will let us know!

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